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Evan Weiner can be reached at evanjweiner@gmail.com

Evan is a speaker, author, with a radio and TV background. He has about 25 topics and has spoken globally. In 2007, the Department of State sent him to talk to foreign nationals at the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas to speak about the politics of sports business in America. Evan Weiner started his journalism career at the age of 15 by hosting a Spring Valley High School talk show on WRKL Radio, Mount Ivy, N.Y. in 1971. He also, at the same time, was a “correspondent” covering high school sports for the Rockland Journal News, Nyack, N.Y. at the same time. By 1978, he was covering news for WGRC Radio and won two Associated Press Awards in 1978 and 1979. In the 1980s, he started his long association with Westwood One Radio. Evan was a contributing columnist for New York Newsday (2001-05); AM-New York, the New York Press, the Bergen (New Jersey) Record, the Philadelphia Metro, Washington Examiner, Orlando Sentinel, Rhode Island’s Sports Journal, and for The Chicago Tribune’s Spanish Hoy! newspapers in N.Y., Chicago and LA between 2002. He did a daily commentary called “The Business of Sports” for Westwood One Radio between 1999 and 2006. Evan was the New York Sun’s Business of Sport columnist between 2005 and the paper’s demise in 2008 and did interviews for John Madden’s Radio programs between 1988 and 2003.

Evan has also appeared on programs on the former WBIS, Channel 31 (New York, N.Y.), RNN (New York), the History Channel with Al Michaels and Frank Deford, as well as ABCNews Now’s Politics Live TV show with Sam Donaldson, CN8’s sports program and the BBC Radio Documentary Sports and Sponsorship, and MSNBC-TV. He has written nine books about the business and politics of sports and does a daily video podcast called “The Politics of Sports Business.” Evan received the United States Sports Academy’s first distinguished journalist award in 2003 in a ceremony in Mobile, Alabama. He will receive the Ronald Reagan Award for Journalism from the Academy in January 2011. Evan does a daily podcast on “The Politics of Sports Business” and is featured in the documentary “Sons of Ben” about the fans of the Philadelphia Union soccer team that was released in 2015.

He is the author of 11 books. From Peach Baskets to Dance Halls and the Not-So-Stern NBA, America’s Passion: How a Coal Miner’s Game Became the NFL in the 20th Century, The Business and Politics of Sports — 2005, The Business and Politics of Sports, Second Edition — 2010 and 2014 Edition: The Business & Politics of Sports. The Stern Years: 1984-2014. The Politics Of Sports Business 2017, I Am Not Paul Bunyan And Other Tall Tales, The Politics of Sports Business 2018: Politicians, Business Leaders, Decision Makers, And Policy, The Politics Of Sports Business 2019, COVID-19 Edition: The Politics Of Sports Business 2020.

The Topics:

1960: Cold War, Television, Presidential race, African Countries Independence, Civil Rights, Elvis, Ali, The Beatles, The Pill, The Twist and Playboy.

1961: JFK, youthful optimism meets Cold War realities, the Civil Rights Movement and the Space Race.

1962: Cuban Missile Crisis, Civil Rights Movement, The Space Race, Vietnam

1963: Cold War, Space Race, Vietnam, Civil Rights, JFK Assassinated, Beatlemania

1964: The First Baby Boomers Turn 18, Civil Rights, Vietnam

1965: The Great Society, Civil Rights, Vietnam, Cold War

1966: Vietnam, African Problems After Colonialism Ends, Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, The Beatles Quit Touring

1967 Summer of Love

1968: Fifty-Three Years Later How Events 50 Years Ago Shaped The World  

1969: Fifty-Two Years Later: The 68 Hangover, Nixon Enters The World Stage, the war continues, man lands on the moon.

1970: Nixon meets hippies, Elvis. Kent State, Cambodia, Apollo 13. Black September.

1971: Ping Pong Diplomacy Opens China. Nixon Bugs Ellsberg’s Office A Watergate Prelude, The War Continues And There Are Other Wars

1972: Watergate, Munich, China, Vietnam

1973: Watergate, Agnew Resigns, Yom Kippor War, Gas Shortages King vs. Riggs

1974: Nixon Resigns

1980: Jimmy Carter’s Problems, Afghanistan, Iran, Inflation. The Miracle On Ice.

The Early Days Of Radio From The UK To Newfoundland To The Titanic To Entertainment

The Early Days Of Television

Title IX, June 23, 1972 women in the US legally were able to get the same college educational opportunities as men.  

How Lucille Ball Became The Most Powerful Businesswoman in Hollywood

1919: The World Series Is Fixed, 100 Years Later Why Did It Happen And Could It Happen Again?

American Territories: How territories became states, why some are not states and how territorial citizens don’t have full American rights.  

The Super Bowl. How America’s Top Sports Event Was Created In The Aftermath Of The AFL All Star Game Boycott Of Jim Crow In New Orleans In 1965   

George Washington Slept Here: Barbados And How His Brief Stay In Barbados Had Major Implications A Quarter Of A Century Later For Fledgling America.  

Presidential Impact on Sports From Andrew Jackson to Barack Joe Biden

Longfellow Is Responsible For Why America Knows About Cajun Culture

Women In Sports: Sexism and Racism Were Two Obstacles In The Development Of Women’s Athletic Competition

The Politics Of Sports Business. How taxpayers became sports partners and give billions of dollars of subsidies to sports and sports owners. The three necessities: Government, cable TV, corporate support.

Football In America: From A Coal Miner’s Game To A Multi-Billion-dollar Business.

Do Athletes’ Protesting Social Issues Have An Impact On Society?  

Ted Turner, He Changed The World Of Communications While Winning: The America’s Cup In 1977. 

The Space Race: Getting To The Moon, A Tale of the Cold War, Bringing Nazis To America and Cutting Corners.

Baseball In The American Culture, Literature, Song, Movies, The Stage, Radio And TV

Golf: How Westchester County, NY Provided A Launching Pad For The Sport And Arnold Palmer Made The Sport Popular. 

The Olympics: It Has Always Been A Political Platform

Florida: The Beatles Meet Cassius Clay, Where Culture Changed In The 1960s 


Evan’s 2021-22 Schedule:

East Hampton Library, NY, April 16, ZOOM Ted Turner
Atria Rosalyn, NY, April 17 in person Baseball
Scarsdale Library, NY, April 19, ZOOM, Baseball
Sid Jacobson JCC, NY, April 20, ZOOM, Florida
Springfield Chisholm Community Center, NJ, April 20, ZOOM TBA
Aldersly Senior Residence, San Rafael, CA, April 20, ZOOM Title IX
Longfellow Senior Center, MA, April 21, ZOOM Baseball
New City Library, NY April 22 ZOOM, 1971
Larchmont Library, NY, April 22, ZOOM TV
Mokena Library, IL, April 24, ZOOM 1960
Riverdale Senior Services, NY, April 25 Radio
Boca Raton JCC, FL, April 26, ZOOM Jews in Sports
Bayville Library, NY, April 27, ZOOM, Baseball
Rye Brook Atria, NY, April 28, in person, 1960
Atria Great Neck, April 29, ZOOM, Lucy
Pittsfield Jewish Federation MA, ZOOM April 29, Politics
Council of Supervisors and Administrators, May 3, ZOOM Territories
Greenwich Township Library, NJ, ZOOM, May 3, Baseball
Atria 86th, NY, ZOOM, May 4, Cold War
Putnam County Library, IL, May 6, ZOOM Baseball
The Bristal, NY, May 7, ZOOM, Lucy
Riverdale Senior Services, NY, May 9 Baseball
Needham Senior Center, MA, May 10, ZOOM TV
Southbury Library, CT, May 13, ZOOM Baseball
Bradley Beach Library, NJ, May 13, ZOOM, Baseball
Riverdale Senior Services, NY, May 16, ZOOM TBA
Seaford Library, NY, May 17, ZOOM, Presidents
Atria 86th, NY, May 18, ZOOM, 1962
Woodbury Library, NY, May 19, ZOOM Territories
Mendham Library, NJ, May 20, ZOOM Washington
Quail Brook Seniors, Somerset, NJ, May 24 ZOOM 1963
Tenafly Senior Center, NJ, May 25, in person, Lucille Ball Businesswomen
Atria Rye Brook, NY, May 26, in person 1961
Riverdale Senior Services, NY, May 26, ZOOM TBA
Bridgewater Library, NJ, May 27, ZOOM, TV
Atria 86th, NY, June 1, ZOOM, Title IX
Sachem Library, NY, June 2, recorded Women in Sport
East Hill, CT, June 3, in person Lucy
Riverdale Senior Services, NY, June 2, ZOOM Territories
Milton Seniors, MA, June 7, ZOOM, Baseball
Bronxville Library, NY, June 7, ZOOM, Women in Sports
Rogers Memorial Library, NY, June 7 ZOOM Football
Riverdale Senior Services, NY, June 9, ZOOM TV
Congregation B’nai Israel, Millburn, NJ, June 10, ZOOM Media
Milton Seniors, MA, June 14, ZOOM, Presidents
Boca Raton JCC, FL, June 14, ZOOM Baseball
Schaumburg Township, IL, June 18, ZOOM, 1962
Milton Seniors, MA, June 21, ZOOM, Title IX
Mahwah Library, NJ, June 21, ZOOM, Golf
Atria Rye Brook, NY, June 23, in person, 1962
Montvale Library, NJ, June 24, ZOOM 1967
Schaumburg Township, IL, June 25, Territories
Milton Seniors, MA, June 28, TV
Royal Oak Library, MI June 28, ZOOM Washington
Schaumburg Township, IL, July 2, ZOOM 1963
East Hill, CT, July 8, in person Olympics
Schaumburg Township, IL, July 9, ZOOM Washington
Boca Raton JCC, FL, July 12, ZOOM Sports Business
Lake Forest Seniors, IL, July 13, ZOOM Washington
New Canaan Senior, CT, July 13, ZOOM Olympics
Sachem Library, NY, July 14, recorded Olympics
Suffern Library, NY, July 14, ZOOM Olympics
Council Bluffs Library, IA. July 15, ZOOM Olympics
Schaumburg Township, IL, July 16, ZOOM 1964
JCC Of Central New Jersey, July 20, ZOOM TBA
Tappan Library, NY. July 20. ZOOM Baseball
Bethpage Library, NY, July 21, ZOOM Olympics
Schaumburg Township, IL, July 23, ZOOM Space Race
Bensenville Library, IL, July 26, ZOOM Olympics
Schaumburg Township, IL, July 30, ZOOM 1965
Milton Seniors, MA, August 2, ZOOM, Lucy
Chester Library, NJ, August 5, ZOOM, Lucy
Schaumburg Township, IL, August 6, ZOOM Florida
Monroe Township Seniors, NJ, August 6, ZOOM, TV
Atria Roslyn, NY August 7, in person Lucy
Boca Raton JCC, FL, August 16, ZOOM Women In Sports
Plymouth Library, MA, August 16, ZOOM Women In Sports
DeKalb Library, IL, August 21, ZOOM Olympics
Sachem Library, NY, August 23 in person Lucy and Desi
Tappan Library, NY. August 25, ZOOM Washington
Hershey Library, PA., September 4, ZOOM Ping Pong Diplomacy
Ocean City Library, NJ, September 30, ZOOM Football
Lake Forest Seniors, IL, October 5, ZOOM, Baseball
Montville Library, NJ. October 21, ZOOM Or In Person, Black Sox
Hershey Library, PA. January 15, ZOOM, Protests
Milton Seniors, MA, March 7, ZOOM, Women in Sports

Ebooks available at iTunes


or https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=evan%20weiner&fcsearchfield=Author

2019 sports business review-book



Fun night the the Mahwah, New Jersey Library, October 28 talking about 1969.

Feb 11, 2019 Springfield Library 1969 talk 

Dec 5, 2018, Celebrity Cruises, Private function, Jim Crow and the start of the Super Bowl.

1972 Talk, Norwood, NJ

Zoom Talk, July 18, Somers, NY Public Library

Politics of Sports Business 2020 w/protests

1965 at the Sussex, NJ Library, December 3, 2020

Evan also lectures at colleges and universities about the business and politics of sports, including the globalization of North American sports and how technology is changing sports. He spoke at the George Bush Presidential Library in August 2007 to a specially selected and Department of State approved 20 college students from Indonesia, Venezuela, Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, Canada and the U.S.  Additionally, Evan speaks on cruise ships in Europe, North and South America. Two of his books, The Business and Politics of Sports, and The Business and Politics of Sports Second Edition has been critically acclaimed by academic journals and is used as part of a number of sports business management courses at schools throughout the United States.



Sports economics addressed

By Heather VanDyke

April 16, 1999 Central Michigan Life

Life Staff Writer

New York native and owner’ of Sports-News ­Syndication Evan Weiner proved he knew his business well during his presentation Wednesday night on professional sports and their survival in the current economic marketplace.

Approximately 40 students who attended the hour and a half long speech took away one main message- the fan is not important to team own­ers; what is important is the money and luxury boxes.

‘The owners don’t care about the fans. They care about luxury boxes. They’re pricing college kids out and they’re pricing high school kids out,”
he said. “They really don’t care.”

Hockey tickets are up to $41, Weiner said, and like hockey, other sporting events have raised prices.

“College kids are accustomed to it. They have lived it. The first strike in baseball was in 1981. They know about strikes and lockouts,” he said. ·

“Have you ever thought how much a team real­ly adds to a community?” he asked.

Weiner told detailed stories about team owners and their outside affiliations with network televi­sion stations.

“Television is the prime mover in sports,” he said. “This is where sports are headed. It makes for some interesting conflict. TV is where the action start and where the discrepancy is between major and minor league teams.”

Unfortunately, Weiner said, sports are no long around for the sake of entertaining fans.

“Sports is a $19 billion a year activity. CBS spent $4 billion for the NFL. This is where sports are at,” he said. “They wanted to make the young male audience interested.”

Ian Niecko, Battle Creek junior, said he enjoyed Weiner’s speech.

“I became more informed about the behind the scenes politics of sports,” Niecko said. Niecko said Weiner was an excellent speaker who really knew his facts.

“He was very enlightening. I saw him at 3:30 p.m., too. He was a very determined speaker,” he said.

Jim Hornak, professor and chair of physical education and sport, said he was glad he could attend.

“This man obviously knows professional and col­lege sports. What I am amazed at was some of the super elite in the industry who are really control­ling franchises all over the nation,” Hornak said.

Hornak said he would have liked to see more students at the speech so more could have had the opportunity to enjoy the speaker series.

“The main thing is this is the fifth year bringing experts to campus. This series is really top-notch stuff. I just wish there were more that had come, but I know it is a busy time of the year,” he said.

One member of the audience, Michael Barkatt, chief organizer for the International Professional Hockey Association, came all the way from Canada to hear Weiner speak.

“College kids and the public need to understand this. It is no longer sports. It is a dollar business,” Barkatt said.

Weiner finished his speech by sharing his view of the reality of professional sports today.

“Sports is a television show – not entertain­ment,” he said.

Professor Daniel A. Rascher, the University of San Francisco’s Director of Academic Programs, believes, “Evan Weiner understands the nexus between politics and the sports industry unlike anyone else.  He is able to stir the pot and get at students’ passions and emotions about sports, policy, regulation, and politics.  His columns and articles are an invaluable resource for any course or program in sport management.

“In reality, he is probably the most provocative sports writer in the business today,” sums up Thomas P. Rosandich, Ph.D., President and CEO of the United States Sports Academy, which conferred its Distinguished Journalist Award on Mr. Weiner in 2003.   “Evan writes on topics that no one else will dare to touch, and he writes them very well. The part that we find to be so exceptional here at the Academy is the amount of research that he does on each and every one of his articles.” 

Cooper Union urban historian Fred Siegel opines, “Evan Weiner’s columns are essential public policy reading for those trying to make sense of what is happening with American cities.” The author of The Prince of the City: Giuliani, New York, and the Genius of American Life and also a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute where he focuses on urban policy and politics, Professor Siegel wrote the introduction to the “Stadiums & Public Policy” chapter

Sheldon A. Saltman, former president of FOX Sports, recently remarked, “A bagel, cream cheese and an Evan Weiner column are my breakfast fare. Evan’s wit and cynicism give an offbeat perspective to the rigors of each day. For me, he’s a ‘must read.’”

Dear Mr. Weiner,

Over my many years in academia I have had the pleasure of listening to many guest speakers.  Your recent presentation to our sport management students at Temple University was one of the very best I have heard. 

Thank you for sharing not only your knowledge but also your passion for integrity in sport.

As a result of your excellent presentation our students are now better prepared to ask the tough questions they need to approach and succeed in their new careers. 

Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to be with us and please return when your time allows.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to be of assistance to you in the future. 

Joe Goldblatt 
The School of Tourism & Hospitality Management: The leader in comprehensive Sport, Recreation, Tourism & Hospitality Research, Training, & Education

Dear Mr. Weiner:

I want to thank you for speaking to my sportswriting class at Farmingdale State College. Your insights into the business aspects of professional and collegiate sports were of great value to the students and I have received many positive comments on how engaging and thorough your presentation was. We were all especially impressed by the depth of knowledge and historical reference you displayed. The students really enjoyed the evening. Farmingdale and I greatly appreciate the time you spent with our budding journalists. To have you, a seasoned pro, share your experiences with them is a great bonus for these students. Again, thank you.

Patrick Calabria VP for Institutional Advancement and Professor of Sportswriting Farmingdale State College

Dear Mr. Weiner:

I want to thank you for speaking to my sportswriting class at Farmingdale State College. Your insights into the business aspects of professional and collegiate sports were of great value to the students and I have received many positive comments on how engaging and thorough your presentation was. We were all especially impressed by the depth of knowledge and historical reference you displayed. The students really enjoyed the evening. Farmingdale and I greatly appreciate the time you spent with our budding journalists. To have you, a seasoned pro, share your experiences with them is a great bonus for these students. Again, thank you.

Patrick Calabria VP for Institutional Advancement and Professor of Sportswriting Farmingdale State College 04/20/15

Hi Evan!

Another rave reviewed program!
I got so much great feedback from the attendees. Thanks again for letting me record it! I love being able to share it with the folks who missed it.
I’m so glad our paths crossed and I’m so looking forward to our talk this summer!

Katie Dolan | Program Supervisor
Dickinson Hall | 100 E. Old Mill Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045
Desk | 847-810-4670  Mobile | 224-456-0035

“You still have a great wealth of information in sports and business, I love that about you.. You have always been great at this. It was a great presentation..” Joe Townley COO/Executive Producer at MY-Entertainment

Hello Evan, thanks so much for the program last Thursday evening. You’re a very skilled and informative presenter, and I’m sure you already know that. I learned a lot and the audience did as well. So many nuances that go into this knowledge.
Many thanks, Nancy

Nancy Maurice Rogers

Program Director
Jewish Federation of the Berkshires

The 1967 Talk:

Thank you. It was an excellent program!

Sandra Duffy Program Director Mendham Township Public Library New Jersey

Ken Reed – Evan Weiner is one of today’s best sports journalists. He consistently produces high-quality interpretive and analytical journalism. He had this to say about the role of the sports media: “It’s great to watch a game and report on it, but democracy deserves more than a box score when it comes to scrutinizing the business of sports.” Ken’s book – How We Can Save Sports: A Game Plan

1991 Pilot Sports Beyond the Filed
MSNBC appearance, Sept. 2013
1980 Secret Service Pass Covering Presidential Campaigns
1978 interview with Congressman Jack Kemp
A pro at 15 in 1972, Tiger Talk, Spring Valley High School weekly show on WRKL, Mt. Ivy, NY

Evan was in the 2015 documentary “Sons of Ben”

Evan quoted in books:

The Sports card explosion: Sports collectors digest, 1973-1993, Mark K. Larson, Krause 1993

Fisk’s Homer, Willie’s Catch, and the Shot Heard Round the World: Classic Moments from Postseason Baseball, 1940-1996 By G. Richard McKelvey McFarland & Company, 1998 –

Managing Sports Products by Matthew D. Shank — 2001

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We Can Save Sports: A Game Plan, 2015, By Ken Reed

The Life and Trials of Roger Clemens: Baseball’s Rocket Man and the Questionable Case Against Him, 2017, By Hansen Alexander

Call To The Hall: When Baseball’s Highest Honor Came To 31 Legends Of The Sport, 2018, By Kevin Warneke and David C. Ogden

The Making of Modern Baseball Over 100 Years of Change That Formed America’s Favorite Pastime, 2020, By Frank P. Jozsa, Jr.

Evan quoted in Congressional hearings
July 14, 2004 – Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Eighth Congress, second session

Evan mentioned in books, The Newsroom Confessions by Bob LeMoullec 

Contact Evan at evanjweiner@gmail.com

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